Curriculum Vitae

Marietta Adriana Korszniak
Set & prop designer 

Contact: Atomic.Tuna
 tel. 07881388157

"Tartuffe" 2020, college production, team communicator, scenic artist 
 "Arcadia" 2020, college production, scenic artist 
 "Glutz" 2019, college production, designer/puppeteer
 "The fairy Queen" 2018, college production, designer/performer 

 Scale model making
 Hand/machine sewing 
 Pattern making 
 Puppetry construction
 Power tool and construction skills 
 Plasma cutting 
 Leather work
 Laser cutting 
 3D printing and print rendering 
 Mould making and casting 
 Digital prototyping 
 Digital rendering 
 Previous experience in team managemen

Computer Skills:
 Cura Slicer Software 

Model making, table top terrain building, arts &crafts, literature (mainly fantasy and post apocalyptic genre) sci-fi film,


 About Me

       A mature student graduating from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama currently working on gaining experience in the film and theatre industry. I consider myself both designer and maker as I hold a wide variety of skills and interests. Most recently, my projects have primarily focused on expanding my digital set of skills in both set design and prop design. My previous work experience in team management makes me a perfect candidate for assisting jobs as well as a variety of team leading positions.

         As an open, friendly and confident individual, I am flexible working closely as both a team member and as an individual. Thanks to my previous experience I am comfortable working under strict deadlines in a vibrant and intense environment. My most valued skills are problem solving, adaptability under pressure and improvisation. I believe in power of communication, both verbal as well as visual. I see this skill as the key to successful and prosperous collaborations between individuals, especially within workplaces. I am looking forward to expanding my experience and to learn from true professionals who could guide me into the world of creative industries.